Roast Beef Sandwiches And Dinner Is Served

I have never been much of a meat eater. I don’t mean I’m a vegetarian. I’m just super picky about meat, roasts in particular. I absolutely hate dry and chewy meat. It probably has to do with a generation that believed meat had to be well done and over cooked to be safe. It wasn’t until I was thirty something that I realized there were other possibilities. Medium rare steaks, pork chops tender and juicy, or chicken you could actually cut with a fork and not fear death. But I still had my doubts about roasts. I have ruined my share of these so I usually avoid them altogether.

This week a particularly good sale on bottom round roasts beckoned me to give it another try. Sometimes overcoming your fear of something is just a matter of giving yourself to permission to be less than perfect. So with that in mind I was willing to try it again. I’m so glad that I did. I read and compared several recipes beforehand and finally settled on this one I’m so pleased to say that it turned out great. This particular cut of beef will never be “melt in your mouth” velvety steak, but it will make incredible roast beef sandwiches that won’t break your grocery budget.

I made the roast in the morning and gave it plenty of time to rest in the refrigerator while I made French roll buns for the sandwiches. Is there anything better than fresh baked bread? Hmmmm….. With that being said, here is one of my favorite recipes for French roll buns I love that it’s minimal ingredients, minimal effort with roughly 90 minutes start to finish.

And dinner is served!

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