Super Easy, Super Fast Homemade Pretzels

Yesterday I took some cookies to one of my neighbors. I have a ridiculous over abundance right now. We were talking about baking and she sheepishly mentioned that their favorite thing I have shared with them are my homemade pretzels. It was such a sweet compliment! Her youngest son in particular asked if I could make them again soon, and how could I turn down a request like that?

As I was looking up the recipe and thinking about how late in the afternoon it was to start a lengthy project, I came across a recipe that had great reviews and was only 30 minutes start to finish. You know how you read something that seems too good to be true, but you think it’s worth a try? This was one of those times. And I’m so glad I did! Totally amazing.

The recipe I used is here A couple of things to note, I didn’t use whole wheat flour. I just used plain old white all purpose flour. Also, I opted for giving the pretzels a quick dip in the baking soda bath just before baking. I just think it’s what makes pretzels taste like pretzels. Probably more of a personal opinion than anything else. So I can’t vouch for how they turn out by skipping that step and just doing a quick broil at the end of baking since I didn’t go that route.

What I can vouch for is these are easy, fast, and delicious. No worrying about activating yeast or rise times. Just mix, shape, dunk, and bake. It’s just that simple. When I took them to my neighbor about an hour later, the astonished look on her face was priceless. And the sweet thank you card they left on my door last night absolutely made my day! I ❤️ my neighbors.

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