Get The Spam Out

Today is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Time to get rid of all those lingering emails and files that are totally useless. How do we accumulate so much stuff? I’ll tell you how. Innocently signing up for a webpage or visiting a site momentarily and next thing you know, you’re inundated with information. Today it’s time to take charge. Delete and repeat.

Spam is defined as a canned meat product mainly made from pork and ham, but in recent times it’s also been defined as irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent to a large number of recipients. The food reference generally has been accepted to mean “spiced ham”. The internet reference refers to a Monty Python skit which references back to Spam the food product where something is repeated over and over and over. I guess you’ll have to google it. It’s pretty classic Monty Python humor!

So, here’s a little side note of trivial information about Spam the food. The Hormel company first came out with it in 1937. There are currently 13 varieties available and was first sold as a military food ration because of its long lasting packaging and ease of transport during WWII. Hawaii has an entire festival dedicated to all things Spam. They are the number one consumer of Spam, followed only by Korea.

Growing up, I remember having fried Spam sandwiches and Spam spread, something akin to deviled ham, but my mom didn’t get too creative beyond that. I never realized that entire cookbooks were dedicated to its popularity. My first taste of Spam musubi wasn’t until much, much later in life. And it was delicious!

There are special molds you can buy to make these delicious sushi style delights, but did you know that the can itself makes a perfect mold for musubi? Repurposing in its finest hour! I love it.

The recipe is simple. Lay the empty can over half a piece of nori. Add sushi rice and tamp down over nori inside empty can. Fry slices of Spam. Lay one piece of fried Spam over rice. Then layer more sushi rice over spam. Lift can and wrap nori around rice and spam, wet ends to seal nori together. Dip in soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, or Japanese hibachi yum yum sauce. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat. ♥️

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